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Margo-Lynn Prévost
Wedding Officiant

Margo-Lynn Prévost, Wedding Officiant

I am licensed in the Province of Ontario to perform legal marriages and would be happy to talk with you about being the officiant for your special day.

Every wedding is unique, there are no two that are the same, whether it is a traditional, non-traditional, same sex, or a ring warming ceremony, at the end of the day it is about two people joined in love.  I work with the couple by phone, email, or in person to completely customize the wedding ceremony to reflect both their personalities.

I believe that marriage is a sacred act and that planning and celebrating it should be a joyful experience. I would be honored to help you plan a personalized ceremony that expresses your love for one another, one that creates lasting memories.

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Initial meeting to discuss your vision of the perfect ceremony.

Offering resources for readings, poems and blessings, as well as, ceremonies and vows.

Create a personalized ceremony that expresses your commitment to each other.

Facilitate a rehearsal prior to your wedding date to fine-tune the small details for your big day.

Conduct your ceremony in the location of your choice, within the Southern Western Ontario.

Prepare and deliver all legal documents required to ensure a legal marriage.

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